Spandrel Panels

Timber party walls and inner gable ends were traditionally constructed on site and they often posed the most complicated aspect of the roof structure. Unsurprisingly, pre-engineered timber spandrel panels have become more and more commonplace on all types of construction sites. Significant savings are achieved both in terms of joinery and project overheads, whilst providing a weathertight shell earlier.

All our spandrel panels are designed to stringent engineering, acoustic and fire resistant standards. Factory manufactured and covered with protective wrapping before delivery to site.

Timber Spandrel Panal Specification- Plaster Board

Each of our spandrel panels consists of a core 63mm timber structure with 2 layers of 12.5mm plasterboard factory fitted to each side. Where joints are required in the plasterboard these are staggered. The total width of each spandrel panel is 113mm.

All plaster Board spandrel panels are plastic wrapped to protect against adverse weather during site installation. The plastic sheeting must then be removed once the roof is in place.

Timber Spandrel Panel- Fermacell Specification

One 15mm sheet of Fermacell Gypsum Fire board can replace two sheets of plasterboard, giving all the performance you need with less labour time and no need for plastic protection during transit and installation.

Fermacell is made from gypsum and recycled paper fibres. These two natural raw materials are mixed with water, pressed into stable boards under high pressure, dried and coated with water repellant. 

Fermacell Spandrel Panels are becoming more and more popular with our roofing customers across the North of England.

Spandrel Panels Supply Service

Our factory manufactured spandrel panels are covered with protective wrapping before delivery to site.

We supply our spandrel panels to a wide range of customers from local builders to some of the large nationals.

We service sites across Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Humberside. We can also offer a supply and fit service if required.

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