Metal Web Easi Joists

Like I-beams, metal web joists easi-joists® also eliminate problems that occur with conventional wooden joists.

They are less likely to bow, crown, twist, cup, check or split than a traditional solid floor joist. This structural integrity along with little or no shrinkage provided by Metal Web flooring help eliminate squeaky floors.

Wolf Easi-joist metal web solutions differ from I-beams as they use a metal web structure between solid top and bottom flanges. As such they can offer greater spans than I-beams and are often preferred because of the open spaces in the structure save time for other trades as they first fix electrical and plumbing etc.

Easi Joist Metal Web Benefits

  • Less likely to bow, crown, twist cup, check or split 
  • Less shrinkage
  • Lighter
  • Greater span ability
  • Minimise material waste
  • Reduce joinery costs
  • Faster to install

Easi-joists® are parallel chord trusses using stress-graded timber chords, plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision engineered metal webs. Easi-joist® offers unrivalled lightness, strength, and greater clear span ability.

Developed a decade ago, initially as a total floor solution, the Easi-joist® system offers excellent versatility when designing floors, roofs, or walls. You can expect unrivalled performance from minimal material usage, with fewer webs required and up to 20% less timber used.

As the entire solution is designed and cut to size in the factory, entire floors can be put in place in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods, not only saving joinery costs but also reducing overall project timescales and associated overheads.

We provide metal web solutions for projects that include large shopping centres, care homes, houses or even just a small extension. Our customers vary from local builders to some of the large nationals and we service sites across Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Humberside. We can also offer a supply and fit service if required.

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