Floor Cassettes

Floor cassettes can incorporate either our timber I-Beam or our Easi-Joists® systems. Decking material (OSB boarding, Plywood or Chipboard) is then added to create complete manufactured cassettes to build the floor with.

This method of Construction has become increasingly popular within timber frame construction because of the speed of installation, and with built in lifting straps it makes it simpler to lift the cassettes into position.

Floor Cassettes also improve Health & Safety during construction, eliminating risks associated with working from height and providing a working platform upon installation

As the entire solution is designed and cut to size in the factory, entire floors can be put in place in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods, not only saving joinery costs but also reducing overall project timescales and associated overheads.

Timber Floor Cassette Benefits

  • Speed of installation
  • Built in lifting straps
  • Reduction in H & S risks
  • Excellent span ability
  • Reduce joinery costs
  • Superb large floor solution


We provide floor cassette solutions for projects that include apartment blocks, large shopping centres, care homes, or any large construction project. Our customers vary from local builders to some of the large nationals and we service sites across Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire or Humberside. We can also offer a supply and fit service if required.

Timber Floor Cassette Quotes

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