Roof Products

From a few small trusses for a garage to supplying large developments by national housebuilders and developers, Heywood Timber Engineering can provide and deliver on time, everything you need for sites from the Midlands to the Scottish borders.

All of our engineered timber roof products are pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded timbers produced from sustainable forests and joined with galvanised steel nail-plate fasteners.

Engineered timber roof products offer –

  • A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to your roofing requirements
  • High levels of precision timber engineering to improve construction accuracy and build specification
  • Full calculations with every product to help satisfy building control and reduce your engineering requirements
  • Economy of materials, trusses can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof
  • Reduced labour costs on site, releasing site joiners for more complex areas
  • Quick erection of the roof structure, enabling other trades to commence quickly
  • Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials
  • Space saving on site, with no need for timber storage or carpentry work areas
Drawing of a roof truss

Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses are used in nearly every building project in the UK as property development companies have moved away from traditional methods. Even complex structures can be built accurately, quickly and economically without the vast majority of cutting in and lining through associated with traditional roof construction.

The most common roof structures are built using a combination of duo and mono trusses.

Drawing of an attic truss

Attic Trusses

Attic Trusses are where the roof is engineered to create and open space/room within the structure. Such solutions have been increasingly popular in recent years as they offer increased living space without changing the overall build area or footprint of the house.

Attic trusses incorporate the truss and floor into the same design, maximising living space to deliver maximum value from the construction site.

Drawing of a sprandrel Panel

Spandrel Panels

Timber party walls and inner gable ends were traditionally constructed on site and they often posed the most complications for the roof structure. Unsurprisingly, pre-engineered spandrel panels have become more and more commonplace saving on site construction time.