Floor Products

Having experienced designers and the latest in-house design software, Heywood Timber Engineering can produce and deliver quality engineered flooring solutions for all building projects, ranging from small self-builds to the largest structures.

Factory engineered flooring solutions boast considerable savings in time, cost and waste.  Furthermore, all of our solutions are supplied with joist layout drawings, engineering calculations and material costs.

Engineered timber floor products offer -

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Capable of spanning longer distances
  • Possibility to achieve more complex designs very efficiently
  • A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to your flooring requirements
  • High levels of precision timber engineering to improve construction accuracy and build specification
  • Full calculations with every product to help satisfy building control and reduce your engineering requirements
  • Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials
Drawing of an I-beam


The I-Beam has many advantages over conventional construction timber and is designed to give strength to weight ratio which enables the manufacture of longer and lighter structural members.

The name derives from the ‘I’ shaped cross section of the product where the vertical element is held between two horizontal flanges. Each joist is manufactured to precise specifications and efficiently supports both bending and shear in the plane of the web. Resistance to shrinkage is inherent in the product and therefore provides a long-term stable and quiet flooring solution.

Drawing of an Easi-Joist


Easi-Joists® use a metal web plane between the two flanges. This results in a light-weight timber product with the core strength from its steel structure.

This type of solution offers great flexibility in the build, with long-spans increasingly possible and open spaces for the provision of building services.

Versalam drawing


Versalam® is an untreated product comprising of laminated Southern Yellow Pine Veneers. This engineered wood product has been manufactured so that technical characteristics can be accurately predicted. This allows for designs to incorporate exactly the right amount of product for any given situation.

Drawing of a Floor Cassette

Floor Cassettes

Floor cassettes can incorporate either our I-Beam or our Easi-Joists® systems.  Decking material (OSB boarding, Plywood or Chipboard) is then added to create complete manufactured cassettes to build the floor with.

This method of Construction has become increasingly popular within timber frame construction because of there speed of installation,and with built in lifting straps it makes it simpler to lift the cassettes into postion.

Floor Cassettes also improve Health & Safety during construction, eliminating risks associated with working from height and providing a working platform upon installation.