roof trusses, traditional roof, raized tie trusses, attic trusses and standard trusses, all supplied by Heywood Roof Trusses to suit the build program.

Jonothan Boothroyd – South Fork, Lepton, Huddersfield.

News post written on April 15, 2013 by

Jonothan  Boothroyd contracted with Heywood Timber Engineering to provide the roof structure for his traditional style home in Lepton, Huddersfield.

On this occasion, were were working along side an appointed Timber Frame Company and were contracted to work within the parameters of their build program. The client specified that we designed the roof to be en-keeping with the traditional style design, whilst maximising the space and light within the structure to create a more modern feel internally.

Using a combination of Raized Tie Trusses, loose timbers and attic trusses, we were able to create the space and light the customer required, and deliver it on program, and on budget.

Heywood roof truss liaised constantly with the appointed timber frame company and were able to work to their program effectively, ensuring that Mr Boothroyd’s project ran smoothly.

The finished project ( See image below ), proved to create a traditionally styled build from the outside. However on the inside the building coupled traditional values with areas of modern design ensuring light and spacious rooms.